FastClick - (Website)
Full-scale CPM/CPC advertising network. Interstitials, pop-unders, banners, skyscapers, and more.

Casale Media - (Website)
High quality CPM network. Leaderboards, pop-unders, and skyscrapers available.

Google Adsense - (Website)
Uses the awesome power of the google search engine to provide highly targetted text ads in popular banner sizes. Amazing results on many websites.

TMPExpress Nukes Ad Units
The following creative sizes are being removed from TMPExpress' offerings starting Nov. 1:

Squares (250x250), Vertical Banners (120x240) and Vertical Rectangles (240x400).

They are reporting that their top publishers are seeing CPMs above $0.50 with 468x60 banners, and 728x90 leaderboards.
Oct 28 2004 ryanw

New Creatives for Clicksor
Banner creatives in 468x60, and 720x90 are now available at Clicksor. They will be a mix of both CPC and CPM campaigns.

Also they have introduced an XML feed to those who run their own ppc search engines.
Oct 28 2004 ryanw

RealTechNetwork Update
RealTechNetwork has a new site design, and more inventory for 468x60, 120x600, and 24 hr pops from expanded coverage In European countries. RON campaigns exist, and also targetted campaigns for the following countries:

Great Britain & Northern Ireland
Oct 27 2004 ryanw

New Adserver For Realcast Media
From their email:

"It is with great pleasure that we are moving to a new and improved and ad serving platform. This system will serve ads faster and with better all around quality. Just by moving to this system you will be making more money on the same traffic you are currently sending to Realcast Media Network. We are extremely excited for this and would like to have you all transferred over no more than two weeks from now.


Layer ad traffic campaigns will still run on the current system. There will be more news about Layer Ads coming in the next few weeks too."

It's good to see them moving off of the phpadsnew platform and scaling up. Hopefully more good things to come.
Oct 22 2004 ryanw

More Updates
I've made a larger udpdate today. More listings!

Newly Added Ad Networks:

Perfetto Media

Newly Added Affiliate Networks:


Newly Added Pop Listing:


Keep in mind that just because they are listed here, doesn't mean that I recommend them (it also doesn't mean that I don't recommend them). Just basic information has been collected about each company. I'll be adding more reviews soon.
Oct 21 2004 ryanw

Actual Website Update
Yes, I have done a small update to the Ad Networks section. Don't get all riled up though, it's not much.

New Network Listings:

Buds Media

I've also finally moved the Casale Media listing to the Ad Network section and have updated the review.

Until next time...
Oct 20 2004 ryanw

Help! I'm drowning!
My SPAM numbers are getting out of control. I wouldn't want to know what would happen if I took my filters off. Just thought I'd share.
Oct 20 2004 ryanw

Joetec 300x250 Inventory
From the email:

"We have many new 300x250 campaigns paying out $.25 CPM and up for your US and Canadian inventory.

Certain publishers will see some 300x250 ads floating around $1 cpm."
Oct 18 2004 ryanw

Intermix (eUniverse) acquires Focalex, Inc for $4mil
Press release here:
Oct 14 2004 ryanw

IAB Announces Rich Media Ad Guidelines
Story available from:
Sep 23 2004 ryanw

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