FastClick - (Website)
Full-scale CPM/CPC advertising network. Interstitials, pop-unders, banners, skyscapers, and more.

Casale Media - (Website)
High quality CPM network. Leaderboards, pop-unders, and skyscrapers available.

Google Adsense - (Website)
Uses the awesome power of the google search engine to provide highly targetted text ads in popular banner sizes. Amazing results on many websites.

Web Advertising Revenue Up Over 40% From Last Year
Article from iMedia Connection:
Sep 22 2004 ryanw

Paypopup Offering Interstitials
Paypopup (along with many other networks recently), are now offering interstitials. No rates have been quoted, but you can define a default and also have good options for frequency capping.
Sep 16 2004 ryanw

Joetec Offers Interstitials
Joetec has recently re-opened access to interstitials to select publishers. Contact them with your username and the websites you wish to run them on the be reviewed. Estimated CPMs quoted by Joetec are $5-10.
Sep 14 2004 ryanw

Mamma Media (FocusIn) Introduces Interstitials
Things have been looking better for FocusIn since Mamma took over, and this is another step in the right direction. Interstitials have been released, and from what I hear have been seeing CPMs in the $2-3 range. Trial runs by me on the first day showed 404 errors on the ads, bhe problems seem to be worked out now.
Sep 14 2004 ryanw

Clicksor Updates
New code has been released that is an "All-In-One", encompassing both their banners and contextual code.

Also, they seemed to have been doing some cleaning and have removed all adult ads from their network.
Sep 14 2004 ryanw

Realcast Media Increased Payouts
Realcast Media has increased its payouts for pops to the following:

- USA and UK Pop Under /Exit traffic with 4 uniques per 24 hour cap $1.60 CPM
- INT Pop Under traffic/Exit with 2 uniques per 24 hour cap $0.75 CPM
- Default Pop Under/Exit traffic 60% rev share on raw traffic.
Sep 14 2004 ryanw

Ads By Gooooooooooo...ooooooooogle
Google is doing some experimenting with branding their ads right now. Seems kind of annoying to me, but whatever. I still want the lines back in the ads that created individual boxes for each ad.

Also, more importantly....

Google has now opened up the ability for publishers to have multiple ad units on their websites. The number is limited to three, but will be showing different ads on each creative. You can also customize the colors for each ad.

If you're someone that hasn't set an alternate ad for your adsense units, then there's a new solution for you. You can just have the ad collapse to nothing instead of showing a PSA. Details on implementing this can be found at
Sep 14 2004 ryanw

Mammamedia/FocusIn Adds Rich Defaults Capability
Mammamedia (previously FocusIn) has finally added the ability to have rich media default campaigns specified. If I hadn't mentioned it before, they have also updated the publisher interface, although not much has changed there yet.
Jun 08 2004 ryanw

Casale Media New Ad Formats
Casale Media has released their new ad formats to accompany their popunders. 780x90 Leaderboards have been chosen instead of going with the 468x60 option as they had previously planned. Also, 120x600 skyscapers have been added as well.
Jun 08 2004 ryanw

Back from a bit of time off, and site updates will get back to a semi-regular schedule.
Jun 08 2004 ryanw

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