April 2004 News Archive

RealCastMedia Increased Rates
For the remaining days of April, rates for Skys, Leaderboards, and Banners are increased to $0.20CPM. This increase ends May 1st. Contact them to have the changes made to your account.
April 28 2004 ryanw

Cellularphones.com Affiliate Program Ended
All those that are affiliates of Standard Internet's Cellularphones.com affiliate program should remove their links A.S.A.P. The domain was sold, and the new owner ended up not moving the affiliate program over. More information is available here.
April 28 2004 ryanw

PayPopUp Payout Increase
Starting May 3rd, the UK traffic payout will increase from $1.40 to $1.80CPM. Look for them listed under the Pop* category.
April 28 2004 ryanw

Fastclick Adds More Filtering Options
Fastclick has added a good number of filtering options for their campaigns. These filters include Political/Controversial, Expandable Creatives (those that grow outside their normal specs like those dropdown 468x60 banners), Takeover Creatives (ie. Eyeblaster), and ads with embedded video. Also, the alcohol and tobacco filters have been combined into one.
April 22 2004 ryanw

FocusIn New Javascript Code
FocusIn has released a new version of their code for publishers to use. They have turned to using javascript instead of their old iframe system. The old code is still available, but they say that the new code will be able to run a new variety of rich media ads, and hopefully increase rates.

The new code is available right now in the FocusIn publisher interface.
April 22 2004 ryanw

PayPopUp Update
Paypopup has added the ability to run Popin (layer)ads from paypopup accounts. Previously, one could only run these ads from popinads.com and could only get paid for impressions after a certain threshold of visitors or credits.
April 22 2004 ryanw

Google PSA Advertisements
Google has announced the implementation of their new style PSA ads. These will look completely different from the normal adsense ads, so visitors will be able to differentiate between the two. An example of the new PSA is available for viewing here:

April 21 2004 ryanw

RealCastMedia Announcement
RealCastMedia has recently added 300x250 'billboard' creatives to their inventory. Affiliates should contact RCM to have this option added to their account. No specific rates were quoted for billboards, but it was mentioned that more U.S. traffic will lead to higher rates. Also, the update mentioned an increased popunder inventory available, hopefully leading to higher rates.

Most importantly, they have implemented the ability to add defaults to all of their creatives. One needs to contact them to have them added.
April 21 2004 ryanw

Site Listings Update
The following programs have beed added to the Email / TAF category:

Advertising.com Adselect

Keep checking back for more updates.
April 16 2004 ryanw

Regular News Postings
I'll be posting regular news now that I've gotten around to finding a nice news script to use. If you have any programs that you want me to list, or a link to a nice story or information, use the contact form to get ahold of me.
April 16 2004 ryanw

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