December 2004 News Archive

PayPopUp to Improve Ad Server, Increase Rates
Sometime in the near future, Yesup will be improving the ad serving software for PayPopUp to "...increase the efficiency of ad serving speed, targeting capabilities, bypass popup blockers, and bring shorten the discrepancy among yours [counters]."

Rates are also to be increased to up to $2CPM. They also mention that they will be tracking ROI on advertising purchases and those publishers who provide higher ROI for the ads they server will be seeing additionally higher rates.

Changes will be announced later in the month.
December 16 2004 ryanw

Joetec Between Page Ads - Announced eCPMs
In a short email to publishers, Joetec reports that publishers are seeing an eCPM of $5-7 and up for their between page ads.
December 16 2004 ryanw

Infinite-Ads Changes
Infinite-Ads has discontinued its raw pop-unders, and have switched to running only unique pop-unders.
December 14 2004 ryanw

RealTechNetwork Update
RealTechNetwork has released a publisher referral program through Affiliate Shop paying 5%.

Also, new sizes and formats are being tested right now on the network. This include:

Dynamic Floating Cubes
Dynamic Wallpaper
Streaming Audio
Sreaming Video

These new types of campaigns should be live in the coming weeks.
December 14 2004 ryanw

Free Coffee from ValueClick
ValueClick is offering a free $5 Starbucks gift card to current publishers who fill out a short survey located at:

Be sure to include your host id, and the card will be sent with your next payment.
December 14 2004 ryanw

Maxbounty Expands Payment Options
Payment options have expanded for Maxbounty publishers have expanded to include checks issued to international publishers being issued in their home currency. These checks are also drawn against a bank in that country, lowering times for the check to clear, and also eliminating service charges.
December 14 2004 ryanw

Clicksor Adds Pop-unders
You can now choose to run code from Clicksor that enables pop-unders paying from $1.40-3.00CPM. This will be enbedded in with banner and contextual link codes.
December 14 2004 ryanw

PopUpTraffic Updated Code - Beat Pop Blockers
PopUpTraffic has introduced a new set of codes for their popups. These new codes will show a layer ad if a person is using a popup blocker, enabling you to bypass the blocker. Old codes are still valid, and the new code is completely optional.
December 14 2004 ryanw

New Google Adsense Features
This is a combination of both sets of new features that google has released. First off, they have redesigned their FAQ, added an invite a friend link (no referral commission), and also have added a contact form to get in touch with them. Also, adsense for search has been expanded to 21 languages.

More importantly, URL channels have been added. Now, you don't have to set up different codes for different pages you wish to track. I had limited my channels just because of the time it would take to set them up. Now, you just add the url you wish to track into a list, and it starts working. Up to 60 channels can be created.

Lastly, google will be testing out using animated gifs in their adsense rotations. I'm definitely glad I can opt out of showing images if I wish.
December 14 2004 ryanw

RealCast Media Launches New Network
Jumping onto the contextual advertising bandwagon, RealCast Media has opened a new network, RealTextAds. This program will be highlighting words in the content of website pages, and be paying on a CPC basis. For more information visit:
December 8 2004 ryanw

Lack of Updates
I have a backlog of updates to post on here, so I probably won't be putting it all up at the same time. This is all over the past month, so some news will obviously be old.
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