January 2005 News Archive

ValueClick Releases New Publisher Interface
After having the same publisher interface for years, ValueClick has released a brand new interface for its publishers. Although I haven't looked through it in depth, the following features have been added according to their email:

- An improved navigation system, providing easier access to information about your account
- The ability to view delivery and revenue totals by advertiser or campaign
- The ability to exclude an individual advertiser or campaign from running on your site
- The ability to display month-to-date metrics by advertiser or campaign
- A “Latest News” section to keep you informed of system updates and news from ValueClick

Unfortunately, no changes have been made to their default management system, so no rich media defaults yet.

They are holding a webinar on Jan 13th to go over the new interface. 100 spots are available.
January 8 2005 ryanw

Infinite-Ads Nukes Formats
Infinite-Ads will be discontinuing banners and skyscrapers very shortly. Wanting to focus more on larger formats and rich media, the following formats will be added:

Box ads (300x250)
Half page ads (300x600)

Banners and skyscrapers will be deactivated on January 10th, with the new formats becoming available within the next two weeks.
January 8 2005 ryanw

PayPopUp Rolls Out New Ad Serving Software
New software, and a new publisher interface have been rolled out at PayPopUp. Most notably, US rates for popunders have been increased to $2.50CPM. They have also added much more detail to their referral statistics for those that like that sort of thing. Overall, the interface seems a bit cluttered, but the increased detail is good.
January 4 2005 ryanw

RealTechNetwork Changes Ad Serving Platform
In order to support their growing network, RealTechNetwork has switched over to the Adjuggler solution.

From their email:

"The Adjuggler enterprise ad solution is extremely robust in many different ways. We will have more in- depth geo-targeting, campaign management, and scalability. Some of the new features will allow you to receive a daily report on how your site's performance was from the previous day. In addition to this, we will be able to offer you better paying campaigns, more targeting abilities, better rotations, enhanced campaign management, and complete scalability. "
January 4 2005 ryanw

FastClick Filtering Enhancement
FastClick has enhanced its filtering capabilities for all creative types. For those that wish to opt out of certain types of campaigns, it is now possible to specify which ad formats those filters are to be applied to. Previously, these campaign filters (ie. extreme animations, gambling, etc.) were limited to being on or off globally for every creative.
January 4 2005 ryanw

AffiliateNetwork.com Accounting Error
It seems that AffiliateNetwork has paid its affiliates twice for September earnings. Those earnings will be deducted from future payments.
January 4 2005 ryanw

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