June 2004 News Archive

Mammamedia/FocusIn Adds Rich Defaults Capability
Mammamedia (previously FocusIn) has finally added the ability to have rich media default campaigns specified. If I hadn't mentioned it before, they have also updated the publisher interface, although not much has changed there yet.
June 8 2004 ryanw

Casale Media New Ad Formats
Casale Media has released their new ad formats to accompany their popunders. 780x90 Leaderboards have been chosen instead of going with the 468x60 option as they had previously planned. Also, 120x600 skyscapers have been added as well.
June 8 2004 ryanw

Back from a bit of time off, and site updates will get back to a semi-regular schedule.
June 8 2004 ryanw

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