May 2004 News Archive

FastClick Adds New Formats
FastClick has added two more formats to its selection of creatives: half page 300x600, and a 180x150 rectangle. Their rate card pricing for each start at $4CPM and $1.50CPM, respectively (this is before they take their 35%).
May 22 2004 ryanw

Burst Releases New Source Code
Burst Media has released a new javascript version of their banner code for all creative formats. Benefits (from their email) include:

1. Ability to run all of the following creative types

o NEW!!! 300x250 Box
o 728x90 Leaderboards
o 728x90|468x60 Flexible Banners
o 468x60 Above-the-Scroll Banners
o 120x600 Skyscrapers
o 120x600|160x600 Flexible Skyscrapers
o 160x600 Wide Skyscrapers
o 125x125 Cube
o 468x60 Below-the-Scroll Banners
o Pop-Unders
o Pop-Ups
o Eyeblaster Layers
o Shoshkeles Layers
o Unicast Layers
o Pointroll Layers

2. Ads are no longer served in an Iframe. Much like the 1.1S
version of the code, only as much space will be taken up on your
page as the ad that is served. Unlike v1.1J or v1.0F, if you run the
flexible 728x90|468x60 creative sizes, only 468x60 pixels will be used
when a 468x60 pixel ad is served. Be sure your site is designed to
utilize this free space!

3. One piece of code! There will no longer be a need to
maintain "Main Script" and "Subscript" blocks of code.

4. Compatible with Google Adsense redirects. A prerequisite of
Google Adsense redirects is that the code run directly on the page
with the applicable content. Version 2.0S accomplishes this, but you
must also request that Member Services turn on the JavaScript
Include Redirect option for your account.
May 14 2004 ryanw

JoeTec Increased Rates
Joetec is now offering $0.10CPM uncapped 468x60 banners for publishers that can at least provide 200,000 impressions a month. Foreign traffic currently has a payout of $0.03CPM. Contact Joetec via email at if interested.
May 14 2004 ryanw

Google Adsense Image Ads
Google has recently added a new feature for both Adwords and Adsense publishers to possibly benefit from...Image Ads. Publishers can still choose to show only text ads if they wish, and if they do opt in, image ads will be rotated in with text ads.

You can get more information on this new format from
May 14 2004 ryanw

Clicksor Server Upgrades
For those of you that had had problems with the speed of Clicksor's ad servers:

As you are aware you might be experiencing some technical problems loading the Clicksor Contextual Ad. Due to the increase of members and traffic, we have upgraded the system on may7-8, 2004.
May 14 2004 ryanw

Realcast Media Default Option
Realcast Media has announced the ability to add a default banner into rotation. This function is not available from the publisher interface, however. If you wish to add a default to any of their banner sizes, send an email with your default code to
May 14 2004 ryanw

Paypopup Increased Rates
Paypopup has increased rates for UK traffic to $1.80CPM. As always, these are for raw impressions.
May 6 2004 ryanw

Casale Media Announcement
Casale Media has begun its transition to new software and creative offerings for publishers. From their website:

[quote]We are excited to announce that the new release of Casale Media has been completed. This release features the rollout of Banner and Skyscraper ad formats with our real time statistics engine, bundled with loads of new features.

In our efforts to ensure a smooth transition to the newly enhanced interface, we will be migrating all existing user accounts over the next two weeks. The current system will remain in full operation during this time.

While the migration process is being completed, there will be occasions when your login access to the system will be disabled. At no time will this impact the display of advertisements or recording of statistics in your account.

Thank-you for your continued support.

Casale Media [/quote]

Look forward to an update of Casale Media's review in the coming weeks.
May 4 2004 ryanw

Banner-Media Update
The following improvements have been made to Banner-Media's publisher interface:

Real-time revenue statistics
Support for multiple sites per account
Cancel your account...

The changes are currently deployed. Just log-in to your account to view the new additions.
May 4 2004 ryanw

New Listings
Two new listings have been added to rawAds:

Under Pay Per Click:

Under Email:

Look for new reviews coming soon...
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