November 2004 News Archive

PayPopUp Adds 468x60 Banners
PayPopUp has added a new 468x60 banner program to their offerings. Should be good to use as defaults for another network.

Published rates are as follows:

USA $0.20
United Kingdom $0.22
Canada $0.15
Australia $0.12
China $0.03
Hong Kong $0.04
Taiwan $0.04
Others $0.05

They have also added a report form for both publishers and website visitors to report any Active-X, obscene, etc ads that may be showing up in rotation.

To current publishers, these features are already available in the publisher interface.
November 4 2004 ryanw

TextLinks Adds New Creatives
TextLinks has added new google-style creatives to add to your website. These themed ads are available in popular sizes such as 468x60 and 728x90. If you are already a member of a Standard Internet affiliate program, look for the announcement included with this month's check.
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