Text Links

Pay Rates
$0.02 CPC
5% Referral Commission

Traffic Requirements
No requirements

Pay Period
Pays monthly on a net30 basis after $25 is earned. All Standard Internet accounts are combined into one check. Payment is very reliable.

AllClicks is one of the many affiliate programs run by Standard Internet. Pay rate is 2 cents per click through banners, buttons, or text links. Links can be through "blind links", meaning that the person clicking on the link doesn't know where they will be going. An example of this would be a text link like "Enter my website here", or "Next Page:".

A unique linking code is given to every affiliate and they may choose how to create a link. The banners and buttons available for use on their website are not of the standard IAB formats, so if those are needed, they need to be created. Creating your own banners and buttons is recommended anyway to create more targetted ads for your visitors. While the clicks are able to sent anywhere, they almost always go to a portal page run by Standard Internet. The portal is made up of popups, affiliate, and search links.

AllClicks does not pay for clicks from particular countries. Any visitor from the list of countries in their terms will not be counted. Webmasters from these countries are also unable to participate in the program.

Support, in my experience, has been very responsive through both email and their support forums. Your personal information is not accessible through the publisher interface for security reasons, and you must email an admin to change any of your payment information.

It must be noted that Standard Internet is very strict about their policies for their programs. Accounts found in gross violation of their policies will not be paid. In most cases of gross violation, the accounts will seem to be functioning correctly, but any attempt at contacting Standard Internet will be ignored. It is suggested that their terms are read over carefully, and any questions sent to the admin, or posted on their support forum.

Usage of AllClicks is recommended depending on the type of website it is used on, and also the goals of the webmaster. Tricking visitors into clicking on links will definitely not create repeat visitors. The destination of the links should be kept in mind as well, since the portal page's content is only ads including at least several popups. Expired domain, 404 traffic, etc. can be easily monetized with this program. I personally use this program as a "Click Here To Leave" link for traffic that would otherwise not enter my website. You can see this example here.

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