Casale Media  

729x90 Leaderboards
120x600 Skyscrapers

Pay Rates
CPM - 70% Revenue Share
5% Referral Commission

Traffic Requirements
10,000 unique visitors per month

Pay Period
Pays net30 once $25 has been accumulated in the account.

Casale Media, since starting its own network, has quickly gained popularity among publishers. Their release of leaderboards and skyscrapers to accompany their popunder offerings have positioned them to compete with the big dogs. Their choice to exclude the 468x60 banner seems a bit odd, but progressive seeing that leaderboards are being adopted by more and more publishers.

Their statistics system is realtime, and similiar to that of FastClick, but slightly simpler. Daily and monthly charts are shown on the main login screen, with quick earnings and impression summaries. Detailed statistics are available for any range of dates, and by advertiser. The ability to opt in/out of an advertiser's campaigns is available, as well as opting in/out of certain types of ad campaigns such as error boxes, gambling related, etc.

Two other useful features are auto approving campaigns, and also setting a minimum CPM rate for campiagns. This way, you can send impressions through their default system to another network with a better CPM than your minimum. Casale Media has the standard default capabilities most networks have. You are able to provide standard img code, or use rich media code provided by other networks or for use with your own ad server.

Their advertiser selections do include many of the flashing, error box, etc type campaigns that you see on other networks. If you don't wish to run these type of ads, just opt out. To top it off, their popunders can be capped anywhere from 12 to 720 hours.

Their quality and performance earn them the ability to be the primary network for your website. Compare how they perform alongside other networks on your website and run from there.

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