728x90 LeaderBoards
468x60 Banners
120x600 & 160x600 Skyscrapers
300x250 Rectangles

Pay Rates
CPC/CPM - 65% Revenue Share
5% Referral Commission

Traffic Requirements
3,000 impressions a month

Pay Period
Pays on the 20th for accounts that have reached $50 for the previous month. Payment is very reliable.

FastClick has to be one of the most highly recommended networks out there right now. They provide a multitude of advertising formats, and are expanding their selection as the market changes. Many websites use FastClick as their main source of revenue.

The publisher interface is quite superb, starting with its extreme ease of use and speed. Tracking for each format can be broken down from month to day, with a complete history for past performance. One of the best features of the interface is that one can view every campaign for each format with its own performace statistics. Going one step further, you can enable/disable advertising campaigns at will. Default management supports rich media, and multiple weighted defaults.

Their list of creatives include several IAB standard banner sizes. This include the banner(468x60), leaderboard (792x90), skyscraper(120x600), wide skyscraper (160x600), and rectangles (300x250). The code used for leaderboards will display the smaller banner format when there are no leaderboards to be shown. The same goes for the wide skyscraper/skyscraper formats.

FastClick also offers popunder windows, and control the frequency capping themselves. You can choose from 12-720 hour frequency capping, and the code will be generated for you. If there are no paid popunders to be shown, none will be delivered to your website unless you have a default campaign specified.

The InVue format is a format FastClick introduced quite awhile back, and don't seem to have caught on very will with their advertisers. The InVue ads are basically a small window that slides into the center of the browser window in another layer. It's basically like a tiny popup window that's stuck on top of your website. It's a bit more annoying than popup windows in my opinion, but can be easily closed. This format usually receives 1/3 lower rates than their popunders.

Interstitial ads were recently introduced. When a user clicks on a link from your website, a full page ad is shown for 10 seconds before moving on to the intended destination. Users can click on a link to skip the ad if they wish. This format gets extremely high rates, but visitors may be turned away because of their obtrusiveness. Frequency capping starts at 15 minutes per user, and can be customized if desired.

Rates have been showing as follows: $0.50-0.70eCPM for banners/skyscrapers, $3-4eCPM for popunders, and $2-2.50eCPM for InViews. I haven't run rectangles or interstitials, but rectangles are showing campaings mostly in the $1-2 range with the secondary campaigns at $0.60CPM with CPC ads in the mix. Interstitials range from $4-9CPM with the average around $5, and secondary campaigns are at $2.75CPM.

Support has been quick to respond in the few times I have used it via email.

FastClick is an excellent advertising network with the reputation to's no wonder seeing the number of advertisers that are filling up the ranks for each format they have available. Feel confident in using them as #1 in your default chain not only because of their fantastic default managing system, but because their rates are very competitive (especially for popups).

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