Exit Pops

Pay Rates
Popups: $3CPM Special: $4CPM
Popunders: $2CPM Special: $3CPM
Exit Pops: $3CPM Special: $4CPM
5% Referral Commission

Traffic Requirements
No requirements

Pay Period
Pays monthly on a net30 basis after $25 is earned. All Standard Internet accounts are combined into one check. Payment is very reliable.

PopUpTraffic (PUT) was started in late 2000 by Standard Internet Corp, and is one of the many affiliate programs they now run. All pops are able to be run on the same page at the same time, ideally earning $8CPM. Each type pops a single, small, fast loading window. The program can be used on any website you own, and there is no need to apply to use it on new websites. Pops are counted once every 12 hours per unique visitor per pop type. Their stats page is updated in real-time which is a plus, and the numbers are broke down to month and day of the month. There is no way to define a default campaign.

The code that is given to affiliates is not frequency capped at all, and the ads will keep popping, unpaid, after the first view. One has to either find or create a way to cap them. There are a few solutions posted at SICTalk.com, their support forums:


PUT is also known for their aggressive filtering of unproductive traffic. Any visitor from the long list of countries in their terms will not be counted even if a pop is shown. Webmasters from these countries are also unable to participate in the program.

Support, in my experience, has been very responsive through both email and their support forums. Your personal information is not accessible through the publisher interface for security reasons, and you must email an admin to change any of your payment information.

It must be noted that Standard Internet is very strict about their policies for their programs. Accounts found in gross violation of their policies will not be paid. In most cases of gross violation, the accounts will seem to be functioning correctly, but any attempt at contacting Standard Internet will be ignored. It is suggested that their terms are read over carefully, and any questions sent to the admin, or posted on their support forum.

There have been several complaints recently of annoying popups getting into their pop rotation including multi-windowed pops and download prompts. Standard Internet has been quick to respond to these issues, and a recent discussion about this issue is located here.

Overall, PUT is recommended with some sort of frequency capping enabled. Depending on the type of traffic that your website receives, it may or may not perform well. Test counting and earnings against other programs before full deployment. Also, consider using them as a default for another network such as FastClick.

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